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Child Counselling

Before counselling begins I will meet with parents for a consultation so that we can think about the situations and issues affecting the young person together.
I will explain what my counselling can offer, what to expect throughout the counselling process and how to support your child at home.
We will make a contract including dates and times that will fit with your family.
For counselling to provide a safe and neutral space, I negotiate a confidential relationship with the young person. Therfore I do not share what happens in sessions with parents. I hold confidentiality except in the rare circumstances of a child being at risk of harm.
Parental review session can be arranged to discuss progress with the child's knowledge.
For children between 6-11 years of age, the counselling process will use the arts and play so that feelings and frustrations can be expressed and understood. Using puppets, arts and crafts helps the child to communicate their feelings which they may not be able to recognise and express verbally.
Sessions take place weekly and last between 40-50 minutes.
The arrangement can be short or long term in response to the needs of the young person.

Adolescent Counselling

Teenage years bring added excitements and pressures. Sometimes it becomes clear that a young person may be vulnerable to managing these in ways that create problems. Parents or young people may recognise a need for support in understanding what is going on and to help make changes. Difficulties may be triggered by circumstances such as the impact of divorce or separation, past trauma or abuse, or it might be that a clear reason is not known. Young people can benefit from professional counselling when dealing with –

Concerns about relationships or sexuality,
Friendship issues,
Panic attacks,
Past abuse,
Changes in the family
Feeling depressed or suicidal

I offer a safe and warm counselling relationship to young people which supports the safe expression and exploration of feelings. Within the therapeutic relationship we can think together about what might be helpful to enhance understanding and self care.
Working as an integrative practitioner means that I can draw from the theoretical model that will best support growth and change. Using creative mediums such as music, poetry, drama and the arts with young people can open a new awareness of what is going on, help make sense of things and reveal new potentials and directions.

A parent consultation can be arranged before this work begins. This allows time for parents to consider and explore the issues and situations affecting the young person. I will be able to answer any questions and discuss what to expect through the counselling process. We will arrange times and dates that fit with the family during the consultation. It is also useful to have an initial session with the young person, so that I can answer any questions, explain what counselling can offer, and get a chance to discuss what might be helpful in the on going sessions and explain my way of working. After this a 6-8 week contract is usually recommended initially as this gives time for difficulties to be explored, understood and new directions identified.

I offer a confidential space to adolescent clients so that a sense of safety and containment is present. The only exception to this is when there is a risk of harm to a young person. When this situation arises I work with the young person so that we can think about who will be told, how and what will happen next.

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